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Introduction to Certain Essential Oils

Eucalyptus Oil: A Cornerstone of Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus oil is known for its stimulating, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, diuretic, analgesic, and deodorizing properties. It is great for improving your energy if you tend to become fatigued, or it can help stave off the common cold. It also is excellent for improving concentration. At A Scent's Worth, you will find only the pure, 100 percent organic, undiluted eucalyptus oil perfect for diffusing into the air, blending with other oils, or diluting with carrier oils for application to the skin.

The word "eucalyptus" refers to a genus of trees that are dominant in Australia. The genus actually includes over 700 species of trees, which can be found in all parts of the country. The eucalyptus tree has unique flowers displaying many stamens instead of petals and a cone-shaped fruit.

The essential oil of the eucalyptus tree is derived from its leaves. The oil is very potent and can be toxic when ingested, but several Australian animals, including the infamous koala, have evolved a level of resistance to the leaves and frequently munch on them. Due to its powerful nature, eucalyptus oil should always be diluted by a carrier oil before being applied to the skin, and should not be massaged into the skin of small children.

Eucalyptus oil is a top note that blends well with lavender, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, pine, lemon, and cedarwood. When blended with chamomile and lavender, it can be used to treat chickenpox, and it is great for relieving severe itching. 

The Sensuous, Soothing Properties of Frankincense Oil

We at A Scent's Worth are proud to offer our customers pure, 100 percent organic and undiluted frankincense oil. With its complex fragrance that mixes woody, spicy, and fruity elements, frankincense oil is especially conducive to meditation and aids in slowing the breath, relieving stress, and expanding consciousness. It has been used by people since ancient times for its calming effect on the mind and its healing effect on the body.

Frankincense oil is derived from the resin of Boswellia Cateri trees, which grow in East African and Arab nations, including Oman, Yemen, and Somalia. The resin is collected by tapping the tree several times a year, and the oil is produced through a steam distillation process.

Early civilizations frequently used frankincense in religious rituals, and it was considered a valuable substance worthy of giving to people of great wealth and circumstance. In fact, frankincense is mentioned in the Bible as a gift brought to the baby Jesus by the three magi. Aside from its relaxing properties, frankincense oil is also a valuable treatment for infections of the urinary tract and respiratory systems. It can also be used to aid in digestion.

Frankincense is a base note that carries a slight aroma of camphor. If you plan to blend it with other oils, we suggest ylang ylang, palmarosa, lemon, patchouli, clary sage, grapefruit, bergamot, geranium, lavender, pine, sandalwood, vetiver, tangerine, cypress, and orange. 

Brighten Your Mood and Improve Your Health with Geranium Essential Oil

If you're looking for an oil with a fresh, floral fragrance that has a great variety of uses, geranium oil is an excellent choice. At A Scent's Worth, we are proud to offer 100 percent organic, undiluted, pure geranium oil that can be diffused into your home environment, blended with other oils, or diluted with a carrier oil for application to the skin.

Everyone knows that geraniums are widely used as houseplants, but the type of geranium typically cultivated for essential oils belongs to the Pelargonium genus and is native to southern Africa. The oil is extracted from the leaves through a process of steam distillation.

Geranium oil is terrific for most skin types and is effective in fighting acne, cellulite, and oily skin. It is also a good toner for dull or mature skin. Aside from these cosmetic benefits, geranium oil has powerful healing properties and can be effective in treating endometriosis, symptoms of menopause, and breast cancer.

We encourage you to experiment with creating your own blends with our geranium oil. Good complements include bergamot, lemon, and citronella, which along with geranium oil form a powerful organic insect repellent. 

Jasmine Essential Oil: Properties, Uses, and Benefits

Native to tropical and subtropical climates, Jasmine is now grown in mild climates and in greenhouses all over the world. It is beloved for its sweet, rich, intoxicating scent and its delicate yellow or white blossoms. At A Scent's Worth, we are proud to offer pure, 100 percent organic jasmine essential oil that is perfect used alone or in combination with a wide range of other pure oils.

The essential oil of the Jasmine plant is derived from its fragrant flowers through a process of solvent extraction. Jasmine is excellent for relieving depression, soothing ruffled nerves, and generally inducing a feeling of relaxation. It is also useful during childbirth and can be a very effective aphrodisiac.

Jasmine is an excellent oil to use in combination with other pure oil, as its floral aroma interlaces beautifully with a variety of scents. Good complements include geranium, rose, neroli, palmarosa, sandalwood, clove, lemon, bergamot, clary sage, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, petitgrain, patchouli, coriander, benzoin, bay, ginger, and ylang-ylang. We encourage you to experiment until you find the perfect blend!

Improve Your Well-Being with Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most popular aromatherapy fragrances, and for good reason. Its fresh, floral, slightly sweet and fruity scent make it an excellent choice for virtually any type of aromatherapy application, including skin care, massage oil, candles, and many others. At A Scent's Worth, we offer 100 percent organic, undiluted pure lavender oil that can be blended with a wide range of other essential oils, added to a carrier oil, or used with a diffuser.

Lavender has been used for hundreds of years in perfumery and cosmetics and is still widely used for those purposes to this day. In addition to its pleasant scent, lavender oil can be beneficial in numerous ways to your physical and psychological well being.

It is excellent for relieving anxiety, insomnia, and depression and has an instantly calming effect. An effective antibiotic, decongestant and antiseptic, lavender is good for treating any number of ailments including arthritis, cramps, viruses, bacterial infections, and more. It is also prized for its ability to provide relief from burns, acne, bruises, eczema, psoriasis, scabies, chicken pox, and virtually any other type of burns, sores, and wounds.

Lift Your Spirits with Lemon Essential Oils

The zesty, invigorating, citrusy scent of lemon essential oil makes it perfect for times when you want to feel refreshed and invigorated. Lemon oil is derived from the fragrant rind of the lemon fruit via a cold press process and is frequently used for skin care applications and home fragrance.

We at A Scent's Worth are happy to offer you pure, 100 percent organic undiluted lemon oil of the highest quality at a truly affordable price. Our lemon essential oil is excellent for energizing a fatigued mind and helps focus concentration. In terms of physical benefits, lemon reawakens and stimulates the entire body, particularly the nervous system. It is good for fighting infections and for dispelling headaches and treating insect bites.

Lemon is also good for treating certain conditions associated with aging, including arthritis, varicose veins and high blood pressure. For skin, try lemon oil to combat athlete's foot, corns, oily or dull patches, spots, and warts. Our Love Potion #5 Massage Oil, with lemon, sandalwood, marjoram, jasmine, and frankincense, makes for a wonderfully relaxing and sensuous experience.

One of the joys of aromatherapy is experimenting with your own combinations of oils to discover the blends that have the best effects on your body and mind. If you plan on creating your own blends, keep in mind that lemon is a top note that mixes well with chamomile, lavender, geranium, orange, sandalwood, eucalyptus, and ylang ylang, as well as other citrus oils such as tangerine and lime. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Benefits for the Mind and Body

Lemongrass essential oil, derived from a type of grass native to Sri Lanka and areas of southern India, is excellent for invigorating the senses. It has a fragrance similar to lemon, but is considerably stronger and sweeter, somewhat like straw. If you have athlete's foot, acne, oily skin, muscle aches, or suffer from excessive perspiration, lemongrass oil is a very effective treatment.

At A Scent's Worth, our mission is to offer our customers only the purest essential oils at the lowest prices possible. Like all of our essential oils, our lemongrass oil is 100 percent organic and undiluted. We cultivate close relationships with our network of suppliers, so you can be sure that each vial of lemongrass oil you purchase from us is at the peak of its potency.

For a tired, lethargic mind as well as tired, aching feet, lemongrass oil works wonders. It also makes a terrific organic insect repellent. Due to its powerful nature, lemongrass oil should never be applied directly to the skin without first being diluted with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, almond oil, or avocado oil.

Lemongrass is a top note that blends well with orange, lemon, geranium, grapefruit, thyme, basil, black pepper, bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage, cypress, ginger, lavender, marjoram, patchouli, palmarosa, tea tree, rosemary, vetiver, and ylang ylang. 

The Ancient Allure of Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh has been highly valued since ancient times for its warm, smoky, balsamic aroma and its considerable healing properties. In ancient Rome, myrrh was worth more than its weight in gold. According to the Bible, myrrh was also one of the gifts, along with gold and frankincense, brought to the baby Jesus by the three magi.

Today, of course, myrrh is much more readily available and much less expensive. But that doesn't mean it has lost any of its air of luxury and mysticism. With 100 percent organic, pure, undiluted myrrh oil from A Scent's Worth, you can enjoy the same psychological and physical benefits valued by ancient kings and queens.

Myrrh oil is extracted from myrrh resin, which consists of dried sap from a variety of myrrh tree native to eastern Ethiopia and Somalia. The name comes from "murr," the Hebrew word for bitter. Myrrh possesses beneficial astringent properties perfect for soothing and toning many skin types. Other uses for myrrh include treatment of athlete's foot, gum disease, bronchitis, bad breath, mouth sores, toothaches, and more. In terms of psychological effects, myrrh helps to focus the mind and aids in visualization and meditation.

For centuries, myrrh has been used as an incense and for religious rituals and burials. Myrrh is considered a base note that blends well with clove, patchouli, lavender and sandalwood. It can also be very effective as an insect repellent, anti-inflammatory agent, and antiseptic. 

Pamper Yourself with Luxurious, Invigorating Neroli Essential Oil

If you want an oil with a lovely floral fragrance that is excellent for skin care as well as lifting your mood, neroli oil is a great choice. And when you purchase neroli oil from A Scent's Worth, you can be sure that it is 100 percent organic, undiluted, and pure, without any added pesticides or other chemicals. We also pride ourselves on our affordable pricing, made possible by our close relationships with a wide network of suppliers.

Neroli oil is derived from bitter orange trees, and it is extracted through a process of water distillation from the fragile blossoms. The name comes from a 17th century princess of Nerola, Italy named Anne Marie Orsini, who first brought neroli oil into fashion when she used it as a fragrance for her gloves and bathwater. To this day, neroli oil is a key ingredient in many types of perfume.

Known for its soothing and relaxing properties, neroli oil is perfect for use as a skin care oil for dry, sensitive or mature skin, and can also diminish stretch marks and scars. It helps improve blood circulation, relieves tension, stress, and anxiety and is generally mood elevating. If you want to try blending neroli with other oils, we suggest trying other citrus oils such as lemon, lime, orange, and tangerine, as well as rose, ylang ylang and jasmine.

The Many Benefits of Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil, derived from the Pogostemon cablin plant (a member of the mint family native to Sumatra), has a fragrance that is sweet and earthy, romantic and sensual. Like all of the essential oils you'll find at A Scent's Worth, our patchouli oil is 100 percent organic, undiluted, and pure. Patchouli is well known for its stimulating effects and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Some popular uses of patchouli include treating dry skin, relieving confusion, restoring the balance of endocrine glands, and stimulating the nerves. Patchouli is also an effective aphrodisiac. The essential oil is derived from the leaves of the plant. Patchouli is a good balancing oil and is especially effective for improving the look and feel of mature skin.

In addition to our pure patchouli essential oil, we also carry a wonderfully romantic massage oil created from a blend of patchouli, lavender and sandalwood. If you would like to use our patchouli as a home fragrance, make sure to purchase a light bulb diffuser ring. Or, if you prefer, you can place one or two drops of patchouli oil in the melted wax at the top of a candle to spread the aroma.

Patchouli oil is a base note that makes a good complement to jasmine, mandarin, ylang ylang, myrrh, cinnamon, and rose. 

Invigorate Your Senses with Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is derived from the leaves of the peppermint plant, or mentha piperita. It has a clean, energizing, refreshing, soothing fragrance that instantly awakes the body and mind and calms frazzled nerves. At A Scent's Worth, our peppermint oil is entirely free from added chemicals or pesticides and is always undiluted and pure. If you want to experience the full power and benefits peppermint oil has to offer, our organic variety is simply the best.

If you suffer from headaches, peppermint oil is an especially useful substance to have on hand. It improves blood circulation and respiratory function and has been used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent. For hundreds of years peppermint oil has been valued for its digestive benefits, helping to improve the functioning of the stomach, intestines and liver.

Psychologically speaking, peppermint oil is excellent for stimulating clear thoughts and reducing stress. Because it induces perspiration, peppermint is also very effective in reducing fever when blended with lavender and marjoram. Other possible uses of peppermint oil include treatment of asthma, nausea, colic, exhaustion and vertigo.

Peppermint is classified as a middle note and blends well with rosemary, marjoram, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, as well as other oils from the mint family. 

Experimenting with Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil, which comes from the rosmarinus officinalis shrub native to Mediterranean regions, is one of the most significant oils in the field of aromatherapy. A member of the mint family, the rosemary plant has fragrant leaves containing a sweet, fresh, herbaceous, oil that is invigorating to the senses.

At A Scent's Worth, you will find only the purest rosemary essential oil, with no chemical additives and no pesticides. Our oils are 100 percent organic and undiluted, and are always extremely fresh. We do not repackage and resell oils, so you are guaranteed a quality product.

Since ancient times, rosemary has been a symbol for loyalty and remembrance, so it is fitting that rosemary may help to fight memory loss. Its scent is energizing, serving to dispel mental fatigue and enliven the brain. Sore muscles benefit from rosemary, as does dull skin and arthritic joints. Rosemary is also an excellent ingredient to add to any hair care products, and migraine sufferers may find that rosemary provides much needed relief. When combined with lavender and marjoram, rosemary is especially effective at treating athlete's foot and cramped, sore muscles.

Rosemary is considered a middle note. If you are planning to experiment with your own aromatherapy blends, keep in mind that rosemary tends to mix best with thyme, fir, lavender, lavandin, peppermint, petitgrain, cedarwood, and cinnamon, as well as other spice oils like clove and nutmeg. 

Bringing Sage Essential Oil into Your Aromatherapy Practice

In ancient times, sage was thought to possess the power to prolong life and increase wisdom. The word "sage," which means wisdom, was given to the plant for this reason. A member of the mint family, sage plants are classified in the genus Salvia. The invigorating and herbaceous scent of sage is perfect for perking up a tired mind, enhancing memory function and relieving depression.

At A Scent's Worth, we know our customers expect nothing but the best from their experience with aromatherapy. That's why we sell only 100 percent organic undiluted essential oils. Our sage oil, like our other oils, is entirely pure and contains absolutely no pesticides or other additives. This ensures that your sage oil will provide maximum psychological and physical benefits to you whenever you use it.

Sage is excellent for alleviating many different types of pain, from over-exerted muscles to rheumatism and arthritis. Sage has the ability to raise blood pressure and has a stimulating effect on the entire nervous system. For the digestive system, sage works wonders for appetite loss, constipation and indigestion. Those who suffer from respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, colds, and coughs will benefit from the use of sage, as will women suffering from the symptoms of menopause.

Sage is classified as a top note, and works well when blended with fir needle balsam, thyme, rosemary, lavender, nutmeg, black pepper, allspice, cinnamon, and pine. 

Soothe Your Nerves and More with Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood, a tree with fragrant wood known by the scientific name Santalum ablum, is native to India. The essential oil of the sandalwood is known for its woody, rich, warm, yet delicate fragrance. Sandalwood has long been used for medicinal, aromatic, and therapeutic purposes in its native regions. At A Scent's Worth, we believe in providing you with only the best pure essential oils available, and our 100 percent organic, undiluted sandalwood oil is no exception.

If you've been feeling tired or nervous, sandalwood is an excellent way to dispel anxiety, balance nerves, and release tension. For centuries, sandalwood has been considered a powerful aphrodisiac due to its sensuous and complex fragrance. If your health concerns include problems with your urinary tract or diarrhea, using sandalwood oil should go a long way toward alleviating your symptoms. Sandalwood is also a good treatment for acne-prone or dry skin.

Sandalwood oil is a powerful substance, and should not be applied directly to the skin unless it is first diluted with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, avocado oil, or any other of a dozen or so similar oils. Classified as a base note, it blends well with a wide range of other oils, from black pepper and frankincense to geranium, lavender and jasmine.

The Powerful Effects of Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to effectively treating a wide variety of mild and serious infections, tea tree oil is a powerful medicinal tool. For conditions as diverse as athlete's foot, hemorrhoids, HIV infections, nasal and chest congestion, flu symptoms, and body odor, tea tree oil has been known to provide considerable relief. Derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree, native to Australia, tea tree oil has been used for centuries by the Aboriginal people.

Aside from its many benefits for the body, tea tree oil also has a cleansing, rejuvenating effect on the mind. If you have recently suffered through a period of emotional distress, using tea tree oil may help to stimulate your mind while calming your nerves and clearing the way to mental recovery.

At A Scent's Worth, we make certain that all the essential oil and related products offered on our site are 100 percent organic and pure. Our tea tree oil is never diluted and never contains any pesticides or other chemicals whatsoever. As a top note, tea tree oil mixes well with clary sage, rosemary, fir, geranium, marjoram, lavender, clove, and other oils in the spice category.

Relieve Stress with Relaxing, Luxurious Ylang Ylang Oil

For a soothing, relaxing, exotic oil with excellent therapeutic properties, ylang ylang is a great choice. Distilled from the flowers of the Cananga odorata tree, which is native to the Philippines, Sumatra, Java, and Madagascar, ylang ylang is a frequent ingredient in fine perfumes, soaps, and cosmetic products.

At A Scent's Worth, we offer pure organic ylang ylang essential oil at an exceptionally affordable price. Oil derived from the ylang ylang flower during the first steam distillation is the highest quality, and this is the variety you will find on our site. Ylang ylang is beloved by many aromatherapy devotees for its ability to dispel anxiety, relieve tension, and reduce anger and fear.

Ylang ylang is also well known as an aphrodisiac, and makes an excellent addition to sensual massage oils, shower gels, and other products. It is useful for regulating erratic heartbeats and for reducing blood pressure. If you suffer from insomnia, try using ylang ylang to calm your mind. Ylang ylang is also great for skin care, working wonders for oily and dry skin alike. 

The Benefits and Properties of Cinnamon Oil

Prized for thousands of years and by many cultures for its bright, complex, spicy, and woodsy aroma, cinnamon oil is known for its energizing and antiseptic properties. At A Scent's Worth, our cinnamon oil is completely organic and undiluted, acting as an invigorating stimulant for the mind and body alike. Its comforting scent also makes it a fantastic wintertime home fragrance, especially around the holidays.

In ancient times, cinnamon was considered a highly valuable commodity fit to offer kings and other figures of great wealth and importance. As early as 2000 BC, cinnamon was imported to Egypt from China, and from there it made its way to ancient Greece and Rome. It is said that Emperor Nero used cinnamon to honor the life of his departed wife, Poppaea Sabina.

Much later, in Europe's Middle Ages, cinnamon was brought to Italy via trade routes that stretched from the Arab world to Alexandria, Egypt. The actual origin of this cinnamon remained a mystery to the Europeans until the late 1400s, when Portuguese merchants made their way to Sri Lanka, discovered the cinnamon being produced there, took control of the cinnamon trade, and proceeded to monopolize it until the mid-1600s, when the Dutch overtook the operation.

Cinnamon oil mixes well with citrus oils, clove, caraway, myrtle, jasmine oil, ylang ylang, and nutmeg.