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Thank you "A Scents Worth". As a dog trainer and advocate of natural health care I wanted to share this application for Oil of Cajuput. For dogs who have lick sores or who have had surgery and are going after their sutures the "cone" or Elizabethan collar" is often used. It is bulky and awkward. A great alternative is to apply Cajuput oil around a suture line or sore. The healing properties are excellent for the skin and dogs will stay away from the area due to the potent smell. It also serves to break the habit of licking which often results in the hardened skin on a lick sore. Works great!!! Arlene, VA. Oh, 

I meant to share with you: One of my customers was getting her oils from Young Living and another was buying quite a bit from Oshadi Essential Oils. They both agree your oils are superior, and are placing repeat orders. They are just delighted with the quality. Terry, WI

Greg, the coconut mango fragrance is FANTASTIC!! A dropper full of tangerine added to most of one bottle gave me the exact scent I was after.... am so delighted! Thank you thank you! AND: NEVER did I imagine the silky smoothness of the goats' milk lotion. What wonderful gifts I have for all the women in my life. (and candles for the guys!!) Thanks again.

 It was ALL well worth the wait! Chris, Oh, Wow...I love your oils they are the best in the market! I am going to buy more products from you in the future. I love the oils I bought months ago from you guys. finally, I find oils that make me happy, I can get results, and make me relax. Thank you so much for such a great job you guys bring to others in their lives. JC, MD

 Hello guys..couldn't be without you..wanted to update you that I have a new email..I usually order by phone but I like getting your special notices cause I let my congregation and meditation groups know..and they love you,,but I am a great advertisement cause they always say ..You smell so good!..I tell them I only get my oils from you!..I am the Minister who wears the Spirituality..who asked you years ago to make the combo for me..been wearing it ever since....will be placing an order very soon..Terry 

 Thank you so much for the gifts. I love the lamp ring and salt, but my favorite is the MINT Shae. Wow is that stuff powerful and what a wonderful scent. Thank you! Heidi, RN 

 Love, love, love your oils - keep up the good work! Mary, SC Love your oils and the prices are great. Thanks. Nadine, MO 

 I received my 2nd A Scents Worth order today. I'd like to thank you for both the excellent products as well as the super speedy turnaround time! I ordered a bunch of new products & so far love everything I have tried - especially the scented shea butters. Thanks again for providing great & affordable products. Tara, UT 

 I have forgotten what order number this is for me and my husband. We absolutely LOVE A Scents Worth/website and products. If you are browsing for the first time as I once was let me assure you----you will not be disappointed in any product you order. Bill and I won't shop anywhere else. Karen, TX 

 Thank you for your fast and great service, I love your products, prices, and promotions. Julie, MO 

 This company not only sells wonderful products but is a delight to deal with. The service is wonderful, the products incredible and I highly recommend this site to anyone who wants quality, honesty and reliability. Judy, N.Y. 

 Thank you so much for the great service - we just love your products! We enjoy them so much here at Heartlites, Inc., that we have arranged for one of them, Ylang Ylang, to be incorporated into one of our own products called SCORE. We know our customers will love it every bit as much as we do. I couldn't have been more impressed with the quality of your oils and with your team. You have been friendly, professional and your products are top notch. I look forward to working with you and your team again! OUTSTANDING SERVICE! Thank you! Kind regards, Michelle Herzing, NY 

 Hello, from the spa at the Grand Hyatt DFW in Dallas TX. We spoke earlier about your pre-blended oils. They are a huge success at the hotel. Cary, TX 

 Hi, I wanted to tell you I just ordered some more of your Pain Freeze. It is the best pain relief I have ever used. I have suffered from severe arthritis for over 10 years now and have been unable to go to sleep because of the pain. I have bought lots of pain relief products (and wasted my money), but yours is the real thing. Thanks for making such a great product available. Barbara, AZ. 

 Your products are awesome-gotta have'm! Renee, MI 

 Finding a companies product that you like and using just that, is such a big part of the marketing. I am very pleased with your essential oils and your customer service is absolutely the tops!!! Thanks... Barbara, MN 

 You've probably already gotten testimonials on this product. I can attest to the fact this stuff really works. The mosquito population in Wisconsin this summer has hit a new world record and catnip (diluted with vegetable oil - 1:5 ratio - and a bit of lavender to make the nose hit a bit more pleasant for my tastes) way outperformed DEET. They are curious enough to land but you will not get a bite!! Great stuff. Thanks again for the help, info and the product. JoAnn, WI 

 Thank you again for such wonderful products. The salt lamp is going to my office. I am on a computer 10 hours a day! Karen, TX 

 I am a big fan of your blend "Spirituality". My clients love it and want the oil! My personal supply (10 bottles last time) is now down to one bottle! Wanda, FL 

 I love the chocolate cherry scent massage oil and so does my wife. I've passed your scents along to some of my frineds at work and a few have already purchased from you and are very happy as well. Paul, NY 

 I am glad I decided to try your EO. I have used EO for ten years now, starting with Young Living. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on what side you're on, they have out priced themselves in my opinion, although I do still buy a few.. I have tried many companies that claim first run, organic, exceptional EO with low prices. Most have not measured up. I am not only impressed with your EO, they exceeded my expectations! I will order from you when ever I need EO. Youre right about the sandalwood, too, it is exceptional! Also, the fact that you can call or e-mail your customer service and get a quick response is a plus. There are not too many companies you can call these days and get a live person and a friendly person who is also highly competent. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you! Carol, UT Hi 

Greg! What is A Scent's Worth?--Wow!...In particular, the Lemongrass--Wow! And both the Geranium and Rose Geranium--Wow! Wow!. So far, we have been delighted. All we can say is Wow! We look forward to trying the rest of the 19 bottles of essential oils we have purchased... We don't normally write letters to companies, but you invited us to share our thoughts and we felt moved to take you up on the offer in a positive way. Best wishes to you and your family, including the "A Scents Worth" family. Sincerely, The O Family, CA 

 I have really been enjoying your oils. They are everything you say they are. I've bought from others but thats a mistake I won't do again. Again I appreciate the work you and your company do. Bonnie, TN 

 Am back with my second order! I love all of the products I have received and can hardly wait to try the new ones I have ordered this time around. Am sooo glad I found your website. Thank you for such an informative site and easy ordering! Karen, TX 

 Thanks so much for your great products and great pricing!! Doing business with you is a pleasure. Kelly, AZ 

 Greetings, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the high quality of your organic essential oils, and the above & beyond customer service I've received from Greg. My order was shipped promptly, I was informed immediately if anything was out of stock (and even then only 2 out of several dozen were). A Scents Worth not only supplies the highest quality ,100% organic pure essential oils, but their customer service is what made me a customer. As soon as I get my refund from the "other place", I am looking forward to spending it with people who truly appreciate my business, and know what the term "customer service" really means. Thank you!!! Sincerely yours, Sythandra. 

 We love your products and so do or clients! The products just seem to "fly off the shelf". With your great customer service and fast delivery we will be doing business together for a long time. Veronica, Moments Salon and Spa. 

 I wanted your customers to now that I have an illness that makes me highly sensitive to everything since it is neurological in nature. When I first tried your oils, I had ordered a custom combination which you guys liked. I put it on and was waiting for the burning and sneezing and it never happened! I always get compliments on what I am wearing ..it has become my signature piece, and you guys aptly named it spirituality, which I thought was really neat. Buy with confidence. These are the real deal. Very pure and natural, not to worry. Use in good health and God Bless you Greg and all your Customers! Sincerely, A Loyal Customer, Terry. 

 Hi Greg. I am a first time customer, and I just received my shipment from you. I wanted to thank you for your super fast service, and careful packaging! I had a small order, only 4 bottles of oils, but I felt like the order was really treated like it really mattered to you. I ordered Cinnamon, Clove and Thyme oils because a friend recommended them for colds, allergy and sinus problems, and the Patchouli oil for myself because I love it so much. I just wanted to share this: 5 drops each of the Cinnamon, Clove and Thyme in a pot of boiling water, make a tent with a towel and inhale the steam for a few minutes...keep your eyes closed, because it burns like heck. You can feel the burn in your sinuses, too, but (and this is the great part) I can breathe through my nose for the first time in ages after just one treatment! The house and my clothes smell fantastic, too. I'll close by saying thanks again, and you have definitely got yourself a repeat customer, and I'll share your web-site with my friends and family. You really do have a great catalog and wonderful prices! With Kind Regards, Jo Anne, MD 

 I got them...wow :-)Happy to report all the oils responded very well with my system. I love the basil and my husband immediately claimed the fir. The lavender is smooth like I prefer it. I have a client that has asked about the Helichrysum. I meet with her tomorrow to "show off " yours. I think she will respond as positively to it as I did. Karlene, A Caring Touch Health Therapies, MN 

 Hello I just recived my first order from you, one of which was the organic oatmeal/lavender bar soap. My daughter is 13 years old and has a terrible skin condition. The dermatologist says it's hormone related and it would go away after she hit puberty, that didn't happen (big shock). I myself have had better luck with the holistic approach so I thought since the doctors were wrong maybe she's just extremely sensitive to the chemicals in most soaps. I saw your food grade organic soap so I bought a bar and in two uses her skin is clearing up! I will be a permanent customer, you have great service and a product that is a cut above the rest. Thank you so much from me and my daughter. Brenda, IN. 

 My last order was at a tremendous discount: 25% holiday coupon plus I was a hundredth order-unbelievable! Yours is a terrific company with wonderful customer service (the quickest shipping of anyone out there) and highest quality products. I am delighted to do business with you. Thanks! Sarah, NY 

 This is my 3rd order. I tried to make my own massage oil by going to World Market and buying bulk flax seed oil and various scents...no good. Came back to A Scents Worth for good stuff. Jack, CA 

 Thanks, Greg. I appreciate your quick response. Glad I found you on the internet. Your service (as well as the products I have purchased) is excellent. JoAnne, WI 

 I received a bottle of your essential oil as a gift. I am a yoga instructor and used it during "shavasana" (relaxation). Everyone loved it! Thank you. Marcy, FL 

 I was really impressed with your products. My favorite is the goats milk lotion. I absolutely love it. Monica, CA 

 I received my second shipment and I am very pleased with your products! Your customer service is fantastic, and your website is so helpful for usage information. My husband & I have found the soap stone burner, with a few drops of lavender & tea tree oils blended, makes for a restful sleep and has helped with my husbands snoring and overall breathing during the night! I ordered the top ten oils and am excited to try new combinations. Thank you so very much A Scents Worth for quality, natural alternatives at affordable prices! I have been giving you rave reviews in our family and look forward to telling anyone interested about your excellent products & service. Your continued loyal customer - Cheryl in Wisconsin 

 I love your oils! I placed an order last week and they arrived, and I must say these are the best I have ever used. Danielle, CO 

 My first order and sample you included with it made me a believer. I'm back and look forward to receiving my next order. Thanks! Melody, AR 

 Thank you for my last purchase. I enjoy all of the oils that I get from you guys! Jason, Fl 

 I love your products and you sold me on the chocolate mint bath salts sample. Great job! I just did some Christmas shopping. Danna, CA 

 Thank you for the order. It came exactly how i wanted it. I could not have asked for better service. Terri, ID 

 I received my order today & I wanted to say thank you! I am very very pleased ! I will tell everyone I know about these delicious products!!! Thanks ! Betsy, FL 

 I wanted to let you know that I finally got to using the new shipment, and it's HEAVENLY! Your happy, soon to be return customer, Nicole, CA 

 I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the prompt service you have provided. I will continue to do business with you. I think the product is exceptional and the fast delivery is definitely a plus! Thank you, Jason, MA Hi, 

I was very pleased with the oils that Amy and I purchased from you! They are of good quality and smell wonderful! I am absolutly astounded that your prices are so low!! God bless you for selling your oils at a price where the average person can afford to reap the benefits of their God given healing. Angela, OH. 

 This is an excellent site to purchase aromatherapy products. Excellent prices and detailed information as to the use of the oils. Karen, TN 

 I'm sending your web sight to all the females in my family. What great customer service. Carrie, AZ. 

 Your products are great. Peggy, IL. 

 I just received my other order from you and am very pleased with it. Dawn, OH. 

 Rating: Excellent, Price Rating: Excellent , Customer Service Rating: Excellent, I like the products very much. Very informational web-site. Thanks. Isabel, TX. 

 Good products at a fair price shipped promptly! Kevin, CA. 

 Merchandise surpassed my expectations. Very well priced. I needed the items quickly and this merchant did everything they were able to do to get it to me. They communicated well. Excellent customer service. Thank you for all your help. The soapstone burner is beautiful. I definitely recommend A Scents Worth. Mary Kay, MI. 

 Pretty, useful, and most delicious gift I have ever received, that I couldn't eat. Mary, IL. 

 We received our order. Thank you very much. We look forward to ordering products from you again. Dianne, WI. 

 Loved the first shipment of oils - here I am - back and ordering more. Thanks for the great and quick service! God Bless! Pam, MI. 

 This is my second purchase from A Scents Worth. They are extremely fast at responding to my orders and shipping them the same day. The essential oils have been excellent quality with an excellent price. Thanks A Scents Worth for helping my company run successfully! God bless!! Pam, MI. 

 Very Happy with our purchase and service was excellent. Elizabeth, WA. 

 I recently purchased some shower gels and oils from A Scents Worth and was very pleased with how quickly they processed my order and got it out to me. I am very happy with the quality of the products too. I will do business with this company again. John, CA. 

 Product arrived quickly, in good condition, and lived up to description. Would do business with again. Robert, OH. 

 I loved the fact that the bottles came with droppers. Thanks for a great product that is alot cheaper than the local merchants. Kathy, CA. 

 I just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday. Thank you for the bonus gift i.e. oil ring and sample dreamsicle bath salt! I am very pleased with my order and felt product was more then reasonably priced. I most definitely will be a returning customer. Thanks and take care. Samantha, MA. He loved them! This is just what he wanted. Thank you so much. Not only has your customer service been A+ but so is your product! Not only are we happy customers but we are impressed customers. Tonya, OK. 

 Your Breathe Bath Salt product was a life saver. It helped me survive a severe sinus infection and helped put an end to my suffering. I will be ordering more. Loretta, MO. 

 I just wanted to send a little note to let you know how pleased I was with your very friendly competent service...and I love the oils. I am usually so sensitive to smells, and oils, incense, etc. I wait for the sneezing to begin and the sinuses to fill, and the headache to start. So I have to be real careful and I am very particular about the quality of scents I use for relaxing, meditation, and as fragrance oils..I had to write because I put some on and it smelled wonderful, but I was waiting for the allergy attack and THERE WAS NONE! That tells me a lot about the quality of your oils and I will remember you when I am asked where I get my essential oils..I AM VERY PLEASED!!!, And I wanted to let you know you have another loyal customer! Sincerely, Reverend Terry. Second batch ordered...used up all of first order....great massage oils!.....Jack, WV. 

 Wonderful products, great quality, and quick shipping. Your items were all well priced and your website offered so much information on each product. Your customer service is top notch too. I will definitely be a repeat customer, thanks so much! Laura, Ct. 

 I have used a lot of your products and I am very pleased with the quality of them. I especially like the newest products in the "Sweet Lilly" fragrance. Shirl, IL. 

 This was one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had from an online vendor! I will most definately be doing repeat business with this company and would recommend them to anyone. Nate, CA. 

 On time and very fast, oils are a good value! Will shop here again. Theresa, TX. 

 Thanks so much. I love the burners by the way. I ordered a third one too. Your customer service is excellent as well which is hard to find anymore. Nanci,